Pintail Longboards – Rewards and disadvantages

A pintail longboard is a longboard style and design that is certainly rather popular with newcomers. The pintail identify is given to the board that sweeps toward an individual ‘pin point’ within the tail. It can be a classical longboard form that’s been all-around due to the fact the start in the sport mini longboard.

Which are the Added benefits of a Pintail Longboard

The pintail condition is common with newcomers for two principal good reasons: stability and price. Their wheelbase may be very prolonged, and as a consequence quite secure. For mastering ways to drive and cruise, a pintail is optimal. Its likely further than that may be very limited, but for individuals only seeking a board to commute on, it can be a comfortable and suitable design.

Pintails are much less expensive styles to produce due to their simplicity and commonality. Any design and style that is definitely made en masse is going to be cheaper to supply from a cost-effectiveness point of view. A pintail doesn’t incorporate any kind of bell or whistle like other styles of longboards could possibly, which is consequently straightforward to make.

Other rewards include the whole immunity to wheelbite. Any established up will do that has a pintail longboard, since the slim finish will likely not chunk with any truck and wheel mixture.

The Downsides of the Pintail Longboard

The longer wheelbase (length amongst the trucks) on the pintail style will lead to fewer ‘twitchiness’ plus much more steadiness. Freestyle tricks are much more difficult having a pintail design and style owing for the not enough kicks, and sliding is arguably extra tricky also.

Pintails longboards are of course not bi-directional. Any kind of a hundred and eighty degree maneuver, like a coleman, will cause you using the incorrect way. Not all decks are bi-directional anyway, but a pintail absolutely will not disguise that its meant for riding a technique only.

Pintail Longboard Suggestions

Movement Bigfish
Subsonic Dart
Fibreflex Pintail

Or whatever feels right to you. You will find not considerably fancy design operate taking place with pintails, so get whichever fits your stance/height/weight/preferences.


Pintails are excellent newbie longboards due to their affordability and stability. You could help you save $100 purchasing a pintail style and design, plus they will likely be forgiving while you master the fundamentals of skating. Once you have that mastered, in order for you to secure a bit additional dynamic with the longboarding you could possibly should purchase a distinct board. Although exceedingly relaxed for cruising, most pintail longboards aren’t rigid plenty of for downhill, are as well lengthy to slide actually well and difficult to trick. Should you have no aspirations of accomplishing any from the previously mentioned, then a pintail longboard design and style arrives suggested for novices.

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